15 July 2005


“My name is Narelle and I used to earn $500 per week working for a boss. Now I earn well over $2000 per week and I work from home around my children. [B&W photo of woman and 2 teenagers included] My business is expanding rapidly and I urgently need people to open new areas all over Australia.

“Highly Lucrative
Training Provided

Brilliant. No details. This will involve selling.

Hit website, get redirected to the above.com, Google for “60 Minute Money”, find “Herbalife Unsuccessful Stories – 2004/2005 and these words:

Two years ago I fell for the Herbalife opportunity. This was a group, now as large as David Beven, called 60 Minute Money, run from South Florida, initiated a few years ago by Russell Gain, Palm Beach FL.

This is a further scam to conceal the fact it's Herbalife. In fact take a look at our website www.the-success-happening.com , the one out of three sites, the recruiting one.

I was conned all the way, and now both my wife and I are ill, and splitting up because of the pressure. It's fine until the investment money runs out, then you are left to rot.

We were told 8 months in that we were the best distributors ever to enter his organisation. Now we're broke, ill and splitting up. Please look into this organisation and warn people they need $200,000 minimum to make it work.

...and lots more, most of them tales of losing tens of thousands, some $100,000, to the business in the hope that it would get better.


$ whois igniteyourdream.net
Administrative Contact:
Beer, Stephen stephenbeer@westnet.com.au
7 Grenoble Cove
Port Kennedy, Western Australia 6172
895941619 Fax --

Maybe small beer, but anyway:

Subject: Please forward to “Narelle”


We’ll need some real contact details, not just a redirection to a faceless money machine, if you're to be taken seriously.

If more than a vanishingly small percentage of the people you hook in actually made serious money from Herbalife, it would be worth doing. It's not.

A friend of mine (who lives near Byford) was in charge of IT for a wildly successful Western Australian MLM company, one in which the average per-capita income was significantly higher than for Herbalife. At the point where they hit 100,000 active members, eight (8) of them — including the founders — were earning more than $50,000 a year. That’s odds of 12,500 to 1 that you or I WON’T be amongst the wealthy, and that doesn’t count the dropouts, who probably amounted to many times that number.

If on the other hand you spent four boring years training to be an accountant, you would be pretty much guaranteed an income of over $50,000 at the end of it, you would be doing something genuinely useful, and you wouldn't have to either sell stuff or pressure people.

Please stop getting people's hopes up, when if you signed up all of Geraldton (and they’d sell to who...?), two of them would end up earning more than half the figure “Narelle” quotes as if typical, and the other 25,000 would be disappointed and poorer than when they started. This is not a sustainable business model. On average it harms people. Switch to something productive instead.

Why, yes, I do hate spam. What makes you ask?

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