10 July 2005

Busy power pole, nuts, pudding, new beastie

Power pole with solar panelsInteresting that even with obvious power to spare a couple of feet above them, it was evidently cheaper to add solar panels and batteries to power these instruments (and presumably change out said batteries every 5-10 years) than to step down power for them from the wires. This pole is whare the railway passes under the road near Lake Joondalup Baptist College.

And sorry, Chris Samuel, if what I wrote made it appear that you were making a claim for a solution. No, that’s just what I see implied in the data.

That’s enough about murderous nutcases for a while, let’s change pace slightly. This tastes seriously yummy even if you don’t make it with all of the right branded bits.

Also on a completely different topic, I finally have a replacement for the Blue Beastie, the Flouro-Orange-Shading-To-Faded-Lime-Green Beastie. As you can see from the handlebars, the price was definitely right.

All it needed was ten seconds of TLC with an Allen key to tighten up the handlebars, and a couple of quick hisses of air into the tyres and she rides just like a real bike. (-:

Picture of new treadly

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