13 July 2005


“Dear Diary” — feel impelled to confess that I’m mainly typing this as a cranking-over exercise for my brain this morning rather than from my normal drive to randomise other people’s brains.

Did a presentation for the PLUG crew last night at the OpenSource WA venue (called “The Crimson Panacea” [link coming after I fire up my lapatop] and co-starring a red sapphire) and shouldn’t have. A big problem with burning the candle at both ends is that sooner or later the flames meet in the middle.

If you’re a Sandgroper and haven’t visited the OSWA centre yet, do. Director Kevin Russell and manager Phill Twiss are happy to provide rooms, power, networking and access to scores of computers to practically anyone who is pushing hte Open SOurce agenda in Western Australia.

OSWA also have a pair of shiny new projectors, one of which I broke in last night. Only 1024x768 but incredibly crisp for all of that. And a portable PA. And a really well fitted-out kitchen, dishwasher and all (and almost enough dishes to fill it). Oops — I can feel an urge to ramble on overtaking me, so ciao for now!

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