24 June 2005

The young, the poor, the black and the stupid

“In general none of the managers of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company smoked. I asked them why they aren’t smokers. I was really surprised. One said: ‘We don’t smoke this shit, we only sell it.’ I smiled and he added: ‘We reserve the right to smoke for the young, the poor, the black and the stupid.’ ” — David Garlitz, former Winston promoter
The average nicotine addict claims to smoke one pack a day and actually smokes two. As well as hobbling your athletic abilities (which sooner or later translates to your libidinous activities), this costs about AUD$7,300 a year at retail prices, slightly less by the carton.

Consider that the Dole amounts to about AUD$9,000 a year, and you’re well on the track to understanding the basis for some of Australia’s “petty” crime. Now toss in the cost of a block of tinnies a week (AUD$1,500 a year) and see how well the remaining AUD$200 amortises across things like food, medicine, clothes and transport.

Geek smokers are rare. Let’s make them “presumed extinct” and save them several grand a year, each, while we’re at it. What would you rather spend seven grand on?

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Anonymous said...

thats messed up, we(the young, black, rich, and smnart) reserve the right to not smoke the shit...