18 June 2005

XP is most unforgiving

Girl behind windowTrotted along to Morely Seventh-day Adventist Church this morning, to watch some school-children sing. The projector spent the first half of the show service displaying candid shots of the Principal’s XP-based laptop rebooting. It was running really, really, slowly, to the point where it couldn’t even play CDs without skipping. I prescribed AdAware and SpyBot and sat back to enjoy the singing a capella until the machine finally cooperated about half an hour and six or seven “lucky (gypsy) reboots ” later.

Had some of the most delicious mushroom soup ever for lunch afterwards, and chatted with some of the audience congregation.

Of the three computer people I found, two are using Linux, one for his J2EE servers (backed by ibFireBird) and one for his desktop (SuSE).

I like these people already. And their food. Heavenly! (-:

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