24 June 2005

Will that do you, Trent?

Telescope perched on ornate 'A'Trent Lloyd asked for a logo for his Avahi project, so...

The Spitzer Space telescope symbolises looking for and discovering things, which is what Avahi does. The A is of course for Avahi. The label beneath “explains” this. That the telescope rests atop the Avahi ‘A’ symbolises two things: Avahi supports discovery, the fact that the ’scope is in orbit and above the ‘A’ is a pun on ‘hi’/‘high’. That it all stands on a platform symbolises both its use as a platform for other things, and its cross-platform nature.

This logo is “scopeware” — if you think it’s cool, instead of rewarding or encouraging me, please donate to the Perth Observatory. If you’d like the XCF original to tinker with, email me.

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