08 June 2005

Wet. Seriously wet.

North-western sky from Osborne Park near sunsetAs I prepared to leave Kewdale today, it suddenly started bucketing down. My car, only about 10m from the door, was a barely visible blurry outline. After half an hour so so, I dashed out through a relative lull and made good my escape.

Out on Leach Highway, sitting in the right-turn silo waiting to join Orrong Road, I was hit by wave after wave of water as the oncoming traffic ploughed into an eight-inch deep puddle. It was like being parked in surf.

Off up Orrong and through the Polly Pipe, no worries... then ran into a queue to join Mitchell Freeway northbound, and parked atop the bridge/ramp near City West, gazing wanly at, I estimated (I had the time), roughly 900 cars nose-to-tail up past Glendalough Station. “Once more into the traffic, dear friends, once more, or fill the road up with our automotive dead”... well, it became obvious after the third carload of gendarmerie flogged past me – Christmas lights ablaze and theme song blaring – in the breakdown lane that the Freeway was going to be, hah, a wash this afternoon (it was certainly awash with cars). I crabbed across six lanes of almost-stationary traffic, out an exit and via back roads to my destination.

The sky at sunset (photo) showed several layers of cloud, all of which were scooting south-east with great enthusiasm.

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