07 June 2005

Throw another Apple on the bandwagon?

Thought I’d join the rush. It looks like Microsoft are going to be making the prime low-cost PowerPC server candidate (XboX-360) and Apple are going to become technically boring by shipping Intel CPUs. Why not AMD CPUs? Bring on the Quad-Opteron-Mobile Laptop! How long before someone hacks FreeBSD-derivative "OS x86" to run on random whitebox PCs, d’ya reckon? Or bolts the shiny bits plus an interface layer to real FreeBSD?

And of course, the newly-released Sarge (pair of red and black ice skates shipped with every copy) will run on all of them. One CD-set to bind them all... or whatever.

Meanwhile, back at the retail shelves, I notice new laptops being sold by both BigW and OfficeWorks for $997. They’d fit in a 1RU space, they have a screen and keyboard handy, they’d be low-power and independently brownout-proof. What better to use for a light-duty server?

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