22 June 2005

The Road to Damascus, and a trip around the Planet

Spent too much time reading The Road to Damascus last night. Very addictive. John Ringo is hard to put down at the best of times, and Linda Evans seems to have rounded out his writing quite nicely. Or possibly vice versa, since I’ve not read Linda before.

Did a quick trip around PlanetLA this morning.

Pia, that hackergotchi is so dignified.

Ryan Verner, I feel your pain, we once had a property manager named Ilse. After she passed from our lives, <leap>, <click-heels>, another local Linux user had the same, um, honour ’coz the owner’s wife was a friend of hers. And then, to his infinite sadness, she got taken off the job for telling the owner late one afternoon that she didn’t work 24x7. Our current agents are a bit picky, but follow the rules and are human. Reasonable for a lessee, fabulous for a landlord.

Rusty, in case you haven’t been thanked today, thanks for being the guard-dog of software freedom in Oz.

James Dumay, I think you need to do an “-agotchi” which says, “Aaaaaah! I’m being sucked in!” It may or may not be funny, but it’s probably the truest text that could go there.

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