05 June 2005

KDE 3.4.1

Nasturtium flower striped with sunlight

Well, no, that’s not really a KDE screenshot but the colours were bright and striking so I thought I’d post it anyway.

KDE 3.4 is no palace revolution (so far; waiting to see what happens with 3.4.2 when – in theory – some of the Safari code-bomb gets integrated) but everything about it seems to be faster and prettier than 3.3. And everything speaks. That might be more major if you have trouble seeing.

For an example of a minor but significant improvement, one of Konqueror’s help menu entries is “Introduction” which gives you four pages graded in complexity from “click here and see what happens” to “here in mindblowing detail are the specifications that I hew to”. It’s not the be-all and end-all of intro screens, but it’s visually pleasant and a potentially useful icebreaker for new users.

The Cooker update also brought me a newer GIMP, which seems to have preview panes pretty much everywhere by now, along with some new filters scattered through the menus and an intriguing packaged named “swfdec-gimp”, which loads a frame from a Flash animation at the resolution of your choice.

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