07 June 2005

Just how "on Rails" can you get?

This is a direct quote from one of the RailsDay projects:

Well, the result would probably be much better if

  • more than one of us had used Rails before
  • any of us could program in Ruby
  • we had thought more about the user interface in advance
  • we’d have invested some more time
  • SaltedLoginGenerator hadn’t acted up on us
But we did manage to create at least something ;)

Pretty good environment if they could whomp something functional up in a day, starting from zero Ruby experience and almost zero framework (Rails) experience. Unlike many of the other web-programming-made-easy approaches I’ve seen, Rails doesn’t suddenly get much harder as the application steps outside the expected parameters.


Andrea said...

Yes, Rails really rocks. And Ruby is so close to other programming languages (Java, Perl) that it's possible to create an application without writing more than a few lines of "proper" Ruby code (as opposed to creatively using copy&paste from the Rails tutorials).

Btw, it's me you're quoting there ;)

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks for the quote, andrea.

I’m looking at doing a Ruby binding for The GIMP and calling it Gimp Interfacing Ruby Language Scripts.

Matt Moriarity said...

GIRLS: That's better than GIMP