11 June 2005

It's ugly. Very ugly.

Behold, the ugliest civic building in Australia, possibly the Southern Hemisphere:

Be glad you can't see it
Be glad you still can't see it
Apparently, they won an award for it, and it wasn’t a joke award or “worst of” competition – you know, funniest government architecture or something – my book-keeper (who lives near and has to drive past it) has a couple of daughters; their name for it is “the plastic rubbish skip”.

The footpaths outside are a testimony to the Vogon mindset which spawned it. The footpath crosses the south-western driveway, then stops and is vectored across the 4-lane highway. When it re-crosses about 20 metres later (<thwack!>), it joins the head of a wheelchair access ramp. A long, straight one, unbroken by flattened resting spots. An long, straight, expensive one, for which much landscaping has been done. A long, straight, totally pointless one, since better access would be provided by just running a footpath alongside either or both of the driveways.

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