08 June 2005

I won't move to Sydney! You can't make me!

Did some work in Kewdale yesterday, and got down to the top of the freeway at 07:19, transit time from there to Kewdale: 50 minutes.

Doing some more work there today, got to the top of the freeway at 06:59, transit time to Kewdale: 27 minutes.

Only about 20% less traffic, but probably 90% less skitterish morons.

I’ve been driven around Sydney by the Waughs several times, and the CBD’s as choked from 6AM to 8PM as Perth’s freeways are for two hours each day each way. If I had to suffer through that every day (no! no!) it would be car-adaptor time for my laptop and find a way to strap a small keyboard across the boss of the steering wheel plus a flatscreen on the dash as a HUD. Can the Xorg server display upside down in mirror image? I’d be surprised if it couldn’t, and determined to fix that.

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