09 June 2005

Eject! Eject! Eject!

Idly reading a few mailing lists while I wait for a bunch of stuff to install, only to run across this:
Pilot’s pre-launch brief of the carrier procedures to his passenger in a 2-place jet: “If anything goes wrong off the cat, I’ll say ‘Eject Eject Eject’. If you say ‘Huh?’, you’ll be talking to yourself.”
To which another participant responds:
Many years ago. Too far back to remember exactly, (later places it at 1965) I was fortunate enough to have a flight in an RAAF DH Vampire jet trainer. I asked the pilot what would happen if something went wrong. He replied “I will say ‘Eject Eject Eject’. Take notice of the first one ’cause the other two will be echoes”

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