24 May 2005

UI considerations

The otherwise brilliant Lucretia opened my eyes once again to my favourite Jethro Tull song (the 43 minute version, natch), in which wise men suffer the handicap of not really understanding how everyday people’s minds work. She was using The GIMP to prepare some photos for eBay and wanted to put lots of images on each listing without having to pay for them, so I set her up a hole in the web into which she could pour photos.

It took aaaaaaaaaaages for me to figure out that because The GIMP, and Konqueror (which she uses as a file manager) and Mozilla’s file selection dialogue all look different, she had them mentally checked off as looking at different things.

Hooray for the people who “naturalised” OpenOffice for KDE; now if only I had time to do the same for the rest of GTK, or at least the bits used by The GIMP. I’ll be bumping her KDE up to 3.4 shortly in the hope of having eBay’s JavaScript work properly with it.

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