10 May 2005

Thinking with your...

Maybe it’s true. Maybe blokes do have their brains lower down.

I’ve been getting increasingly fuzzy over the last two weeks, and this has coincided with increasing pain from my lightly-dinged coccyx, an event which occurred almost un-noticed during the post-LCA bike ride. The pain has stopped getting worse, but... I hadn’t made the connection until now.

I took some paracetamol to make the pain go away so I can think clearly and the effect is kind of like an over-contrasted image: the pain has receded to just a small “lump” around its source, but now I can clearly feel the tension it’s causing, all the way down the backs of both legs, up the middle of my back and radiating across my shoulder blades, and in a kind of line down the inside and outside of each arm, even across the backs of my hands.

Our bodies are marvellously complicated little machines (heck, each cell is fiendishly complex), able to deal with problems in the most interesting ways, but like a too-proud employee (or perhaps an employee who – sometimes rightfully – doesn’t trust their boss) sometimes it operates to mask or redirect problems instead of making them plain.

Anyway, time to give all of that machinery a little assistance.

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