05 May 2005

A Sobering experience?

Gosh, security must be improving if it's been over a month since all the MS Windows machines got together and pounded the world's mail servers into the sand.

Various news services are reporting Sober.N, Sober.O, Sober.P and Sober.S (won’t anyone stand up and claim Q?) attacking everything in sight and using up a significant percentage of the world's email badwidth, but the’re mostly reporting it as “a computer virus”. Repeat the mantra after me:

It is not a computer virus!

It is a Windows virus!

It does not attack Linux!

It does not attack Macintoshes!

It only attacks Windows. As usual.

Yes, I get a lot of work from tragedies like this. People pay me a lot of money to fix their broken Windows installations - and then don’t add it to the cost of ownership of Windows. Why not? Microsoft insists that ownership costs continue after acquisition, and in this case they’re right. So why not add the two to five hours of rescue and reinstall, at top dollar, each, that their machines seem to need about once a year due to the inherent insecurity of MS Windows, MS Outlook, MS Internet Explorer and MS Office?

Free tip, guys! A Linux install costs half as much - at top dollar - and lasts a lot longer, and we do software RAID (a protection against hard disk failures) at no extra charge. Tell all of your mates!

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