20 May 2005

OK, so NOW I feel trusted (-:

My favourite scifi author has just thrown a manuscript of a little (very little) under 300,000 words at me and asked me for some continuity checks based on some indexes I’ve built of his published works.

I’m allowed some minor gloating (you’re looking at it now), but no disclosures.

David Weber (and his publisher, Jim Baen) is unique in being an early adopter of a useful and very effective form of almost-openness. His earlier books are up on the publisher’s website for all and sundry to get hooked on — er, I mean read — and buying a hardcover version of one of his later books often gets you a CD packed with his works and the works of co-authors like Eric Flint. You’ll be pleased to know that sales of his earlier books picked up shortly after he started giving them away.

It’s viral marketing at its best. Those who can’t afford to buy books get to read a time-delayed version for free and tell others; those who can afford it buy many more books than they would have without the giveaways. “Everybody happy, everybody sing!”

Anyway, if I go quiet for a while, you’ll now know why. This is definitely compatible with lying under a Lappyvator.

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