27 May 2005

The mother-lode of quote mines

Steven J Vaughan-Nichols has done a do-not-miss article on his experiences at Linux World NYC; here are some choice quotes:
  • “[...] the halls are full of top businesspeople that run their enterprises on Linux. Look closely at what I’ve just written about Linux users: businesspeople. Not programmers, not open-source fans, businesspeople.” — S J V-N

  • “We found that using [Linux on] the low-cost x86 hardware platform made our system run three times faster and was 90 percent cheaper than the mainframe using Unix had been.” — Robert Wiseman, CTO for Cendant Travel Distribution Service (Cheap Tickets, Orbitz, Lodging.com)

  • “We were able to configure multiple Linux instances across multiple mainframes and multiple databases, giving us a back-end Linux environment processing credit card transactions at a rate of between 90 and 120 transactions per second per Linux instance.” — Aaron Graves, a senior VP at Citigroup Technologies Inc

  • “We manage $100 billion dollars in assets, and we’re regulated by pretty much everyone on earth, what do you think?” — Josh Levine, CTO, E-Trade Financial on the “risk” of using FOSS & Linux

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