15 May 2005

The Lappyvator seems to be helping

Sleeping is still not up to scratch, but I was able to work mostly standing up from 08:00 to now (13:00, 5 hours straight) today, most of it standing up and with some walking around as a form of break.

My lower back is stiff now but not seriously sore. I can sort-of-mostly sit down on soft chairs even after that stretch, which is a big step in the right direction compared with, say, Friday.

I spent most of yesterday evening under my laptop, and had no trouble working recumbent. It does, however, slow down my response to domestic micro-crises.

The physical stress also “blondes” me (<duck> <swish>) in that I start to miss a lot of detail in what’s going on around me as the stress builds up – a little like being very tired, in effect, although it feels quite different – and sometimes I can stare at a piece of documentation (I’m working on QMail Toaster at the moment (someone didn’t test some of the Mandrake mods to those RPMs and a couple of them need to be built as root, ugh, <shudder>) and I have the new server all set up and apparently 100% happy, with web admin interfaces and all, but QMail is, well, different; very different), and know what all of the words mean, understand what it’s instructing me to do, but for up to a minute or two be completely incapable of translating that knowledge into action (so I don’t dare bring the server on line yet lest that happen while some oversight in mail configuration is busily binning important messages).

I guess you could look on it as a means for developing empathy with the digital illiterati. Other than that, I can’t recommend it.

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