13 May 2005

Lappyvator: the day after

Well, that seems to work.

For the first time in weeks I feel as though I’m actually catching up on work, rather than falling further and further behind. I was able to keyboard competently (well, for me :-) and recumbently until about 21:00 whereas yester-yesterday I was completely trashed by about 17:00 and had to have a few hours’ rest before another short (maybe an hour?) burst of work in the evening.

I found that I used completely different groups of muscles than I normally do, forex you have to hold your arms up a little (by pushing them slightly downwards) to type instead of dangling them from my elbows and propping them on my wrists; also the stresses on my neck are completely different — there’s not the constant balancing act, but in compensation if you want to move your head around you have to lift it (push it forwards) first. I can feel that special new-muscle tightness in my arms and neck which says that they’re going to seriously ache in a day or two. It’s going to be a “good” ache, though, a satisfying one rather than just pain.

Speaking of pain, I got an entire night’s uninterrupted sleep, too. Hooraw!

On the ergonomic side, the top of the frame makes a convenient handle for picking the whole thing up, laptop and all, to move it around.

I think that instead of mounting LEDs inside the hooks to light up the keyboard, I’d be better off clipping one to the front edge of the lid to cast light “straight” down onto the keys.

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