26 May 2005

"It was on fire when I lay down on it" - updating on the fly

Today’s daredevil feat is upgrading my laptop’s software from Cooker while I’m still using it. Some bits of KDE got cranky after the 3.3 libraries were swapped out for 3.4 so I was limited to the programs which were already running until I picked an opportune time (after the fundamental kde packages had all been updated), shot URPMI, logged out and back in again.
KDE 3.4 tooltip forming

KDE 3.4 has some sweet gadgety eye-candy, such as a fade-in mode for tooltips which looks kind of like a slo-mo of old-fashioned spot printing, but in reverse: a grid of blobs rolls across the area, left to right, with each blob shrinking constantly to reveal more of the tooltip until they've all dwindled to nothing and the tooltip is solid and complete. I’m looking forward to one day having time to explore it all. [big pause] The updates have all finished now, the difference between running and disk versions of assorted libraries are driving Firefox spaccy and have killed Konqueror (but Kontact and everything in it seem to be fine), so I’ll just wrap up this post, shut then applications down, and restart X.

Only a few KDE and a few GNOME apps seem to have been distressed by having the wings and undercarriage changed out in flight, so to speak. All of the “little” apps, and OpenOffice, seem to have survived bliplessly. An interesting experiment.

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