28 May 2005

Football spider

Photo of a Football SpiderSnapped at my neice Erin’s 18th today. As a birthday present, her fiancee left the country tonight (he’s off to be a youth counsellor in the USA for three months).

The spider was very difficult to image clearly as it was gyrating madly from a single strand hung under its web. If you boost the image brightness ’til it hurts, you’ll notice that the background is lighter to the left, that's a tin shed wall about 3m away. Actual size is about 3cm tip to tip.

Red and white, whose team colours are those, Sydney Swans?


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i would like to ask you if i am allowed to use your spider picture for a photo manipulation?

kind regards

Leon Brooks said...

Go right ahead... I will scan my hard drive backups presently to see if I have the uncropped original image available.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! I have to mention, that i already finished my manipulation. I found your image here: http://www.copyright-free-images.com/fauna-animals-copyright-free-images/insects-and-bugs-copyright-free-images/spiders-free-images/spider-at-night.jpg.html

But i didn't feel right using it, so i had to ask you for permission!

I'm really glad that you agree!
Heres the result: http://b-o-k-e.deviantart.com/art/Water-Spider-317667288

Leon Brooks said...

Impressive. You're obviously having fun.

Ich spreche etwas Deutsch, wenn überhaupt, aber einige Bilder erfordern keine Übersetzung. Es gibt mehr Creative Commons Bilder hier.

Anonymous said...

Vielen Dank!

I'll let you know in case i use another picture you've taken!

Leon Brooks said...

keine Sorgen!

Take the time to read this to absorb it one day. It works for me. (-:

Anonymous said...

I read it, and i totally agree! =)