10 May 2005

An Apple ad a day?

Glancing through my copy of The Education Technology Guide issue 5 and ran across this gem from AppleCentre North Sydney on page 106:
How many viruses can a Windows user expect to prepare for, over a six month period? Try 5,000!
They cite Symantec go on to assert that an naked XP will survive on the ’net for about 20 minutes. Then we get to the pitch, pardon the wonky grammer:
Whilst chilling statistics send shivers through most individuals, however every Apple owner on the planet with very few exceptions, simply looks at all of this viral chaos and spyware noise and shrugs. And smiles. And pretty much ignores it all[...]
I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this went to press before the Apple dashboard-thingy crack went to air, but the point is that Linux users all over the world should be making more of a fuss about this, too.

My past week’s email contained well over the demi-annual quota of 5000 virii – what with the internet being drunk on Sober and all – and for some reason my Mandrake-2005LE-equipped laptop running KMail within Kontact sans virus scanner (when I update the server I’ll add ClamAV almost out of habit but ATM it’s bare of virus scanners) hasn’t given much of a tinker’s damn about it.

BTW, AFAICT (WTHLTAAIASIAMAC*) the magazine articles don’t mention Linux, but I was pleased to see a Xerox printer reseller advertising Linux compatibility and one laptop wholesaler advertising Linux (albeit run-as-root Linspire) as an OS option.

* What The Heck, Let’s Throw Another Acronym In And See If Anyone Makes A Comment

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