24 April 2005

We're biiiiike!

I’m very glad that I was forewarned about my fitness levels. It was an easy ride – although it seemed for a while that Steven “Masochist” Hanley was going to take us via Dairy Farm (on top of a hill nowhere near Dairy Flats). We got to see the scene of the original Penguin Bite, a dam, some excellent shady forest paths, some swans, some nice shiny rent-a-cruiser road bikes, the Canberra foreshore and lots of other stuff. It was excellent and I am knackered. The after-ride yard party was great – oh, the calories! – and we’re currently sitting around watching Shrek2 (or typing up blogs, developing Exim etc) while we wait for airplane time to wander around.

Tridge is, as always, an excellent host and Susan an impeccable hostess. They say you need to look at the people someone surrounds themselves with in order to truly know what the person is like, and at the moment we’re surrounded by some remarkable people, including roughly a dozen children ranging from near zero to 16yo. Apparently, you need nine xterms open at once to develop Exim stuff, and I don’t know how Marc would cope if he was forced to use a 1024x768 screen like this one. (-:

Happily, it turns out that the adaptor for my OpenBook is willing to drive both Bernard and JamesA’s laptops as well – Bernard took the one shared adaptor home with him when he went.

My 15yod would like a souvenir of Canberra, but Tridge and Susan have both strenuously declined requests for their oh-so-cute little dog, so if anyone has any other suggestions...?

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