21 April 2005

LCA2005 - Tridge Keynote

Funny as ever, yet deeply informative.

Valgrind is good. “You’re idiots!” (general laughter) to audience members who confessed with raised hand to not using valgrind.

Samba4 looked at threads, multiple processes or a single nonblocking state machine. Threads are evil, processes are ugly and state machines will drive you mad... so Samba4 offers all three, determinable at runtime. You can be evil, ugly or mad.

Using an IDL compiler called pidl, Samba4 can &ldquol;natively” communicate in any endian order (in CIFS, the receiver sorts out byte order on a per-structure-element basis, ie, very slowly) in its native endianness. Another side-effect is that each connection context drops from a couple of hundred kB to a few kB. Samba4 can (has) run a domain controller on a LinkSys router.

Tridge waxed lyrical about talloc, including “the good parts” of C++ like destructors but without the C++ which he called (general laughter) “a big plus... C-big-plus”. It also avoids the need to zero out memory for security reasons.

Talloc is being used in baz with a 25% reduction in code size an in “a certain source code control system” (more laughter).

Also spoke on STFS (Storage Tank File System) “a filesystem for high decibel storage systems”. “Error deleting /proc/kcore” when shaving Unicode character 0x12F down to 8 bits (== 0x2F == '/').

Also spoke on the mystery BitKeeper client. “Completely trivial and crazy.” when you see “bk://thunk.org:5000/"e; you think...? (many in audience said) “protocol, host, port”, so “telnet thunk.org 5000” and type “help” – who was this help for? “echo clone | nc thunk.org 5000 > file” gets raw SCCS. Tahdaah. Storm in a teacup.

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