24 April 2005

Hello from Khazakstan, sending in the divers

If you watch only one video from LCA2005, make it the mad South African’s presentation.

Mark Shuttleworth is very, hah, down-to-earth, informative and funny. Classic lines include (on Soyuz landing simulations) “The sea was very calm that day <voice accent=russian>No problem, we’ll put in some divers to make it rough</voice>” – he learned Russian as part of becoming a fully qualified Cosmonaut, and reckons it’s very hard to do on a hangover – and (quoting a fellow cosmonaut on what happens to a Soyuz capsule when the parachutes are deployed out the side) “Sh!t, that wasn’t in the simulator!”

Sundry quotes about molten metal running up the windows during descent (before the windows themselves blistered and fogged) and surreptitiously-installed VoIP software make this an unmissable in-depth edutainment session.

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