23 April 2005

AllBarNun again, and very tasty; plus: the Blue Beastie

Falafel Burger and chips, a full meal in itself. I've not enjoyed a crunchy falafel before, and the avocadoish sauce atop it was also quality stuff. And now they also know how to make LLB in pint glasses, as the crew who joined me there also wanted one.

My $15 bike works very well, if not quite up to Steven Hanley’s standards. Now that it has more than 20 and 18PSI in the tyres, the rims even stay clear of the ground. It'll need a new back tyre and eventually a new back wheel if I keep it longer than two days, but it goes, turns and stops, and even has a bell with a shamrock on it. It's been up Red Hill and back (via Dairy Flats on the way there ’coz my navigation sucks), and given me a fairly good reading on just how totally unfit I am. )-:

Burgmann House is kinda convenient for budget accomodation. The dining hall has fruit, coffee, milk, hot chocolate and other stuff on tap from 07:00 to 22:30, and irregularly scheduled piano music (there are at least three maestros in house at the moment). There are microwaves and ’fridges everywhere, plus usually sandwich toasters in the dining hall, too.

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