05 May 2006

Revised release date

This weekend is now officially a “day at home break” but I’ve been given Wednesday as my probable “real” release date. Big thanks to my loving family and many valuable and informative RPH staff for helping to sort that out and for their massive ongoing help.

An additional Micro-special-thanks to sister-in-law (J) for frowning sternly throughout a DVD presentation (this morning) on “non-controversial” correction techniques.

I’ll also have an interview in a week and a smidge with a doctor who will make a firm appointment for my cranioplasty (rough translation: “sticking skull back together”), apparently a few weeks to months from then. This will require a shorter (in theory) term readmission to the Wellington Street hospital.


Leon Brooks said...
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Leon Brooks said...

Oops, I typed past the vital and substantial thanks due for so very many (guessedly-)self-selecting friends from various “walks” of life (oh, yes, and some are more of the “types” style, a few “dancers”, a number of genuinely awe-inspiring singers, evidently at least a few “follicular Rechabites” — yup, and quite a brain-boggling range of other wonderful people).

Heartfelt thanks to you amongst the overwhelming number of unrelated-ish people who have helped, many without anything obvious to gain by pitching in so competently and helpfully.

This is all on top of the huge express-load of thanks to so many with a predictable affection or competence “allotment”.

The Casual Observer said...

Leon, you have no idea how good it is to see you back online.

The Hawke of Dark Feathers

Leon Brooks said...

Hawke: helping my semi-randomised memory, I hope... guessing — you're the, um, creative artist from (once, at least) down near Spearwood?