07 May 2006

IronMan Leon

Remember the previous blog entry about healthy optimists?

Well, seriously, it seems that LiveScience is wearing a real application of that right now. “New research suggests our bodies bounce back from a tough workout more quickly than we might think.” it says, then briefly explains why: “the fastest finishers, who also trained the most, also maintained a relatively low level of sympathetic tone. ¶ ‘The low level of sympathetic tone also contributes to the fast recovery time,’ said David Spierer, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Long Island University. ‘These physiological findings are very interesting and could significantly impact training of athletes in the future.’ ”

This is something I’ll be exploring with the Psysiology people tomorrow, I think. And hopefully also do.

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Leon Brooks said...

I think I would be happy even with "solder man" for now, but the real possibility of eventually having my muscles all basically able to haul strongly and in tune on command is a very relaxing and reassuring one.

I guess the thought is a healing-type one, and telling you how good I expect to feel minus a lot of little handicaps is probably quite redundant — but through this mention, I hope that someone else will be inspired to truly commit to a little extra healing and a more rewarding, energetic life as well.