11 May 2006

Countless language

Just for fun, imagine a language without time, without even numbers.

Apparently, at least one really exists, used in Amazonas, a state of Brasil.

Wouldn’t the office be a relaxing place sans timekeeping and accounting? (-:

“When did you get here?”
[Addressee squints back...] “Oh? <shrugs> Whenever...” :-)


M said...

hmmm that would make hooking their huts up to the internet a _challenging_ task ;-)

Leon Brooks said...

Nah, you would simply use IP names instead. (-:

The language doesn’t have plurals as such (you can apparent hint at the difference between One and Many, but there is no Two), and distinguishing between one large fish or several smaller ones is considered difficult (remember that this is adjacent the Amazon, where the difference between a freshwater pink dolphin, a serious crocodile and some bait might become... a tad important one day).

It’s kind of like dealing with English in many otherwise sensible circumstances. (-: