06 May 2006

Cometary Tempel from Space

JPL(?) writer comments (in a Space.Com subtitle “Craters or Jets”)
the probe observed numerous features that seemed to resemble craters or fissures from outgassing, but only further study will tell, researchers said.
“This is the first time we’ve seen things on the surface [of a comet] that look like impact craters to some of us,” A’Hearn said. “We have a big flat area on Tempel 1 that is curving around the surface, and we don’t know what that is yet.”

...but what was the relative surface voltage difference between Tempel 1 and Deep Impactor? Anyone who examines this 3000x90x10km flat, steep-sided trench, for example (there are many more examples), will likely have questions like that one badly wanting answers.

WRT space travel in more general terms, Mr Rutan (“SpaceShipOne”) is reported as unhappy with specific features of NASA’s CEV proposal here.

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